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Samples of My Recent Work

The Raphael Collection

Advertisments · Branding · Brochures · Websites

Complete branding and design for an upscale jewellery manufacturer.

The Raphael Collection came to me as a small start-up and has now grown into a huge global company. I developed a sleek, sophisticated brand identity for them which carries through from print to web. The company has won many industry awards thanks to it’s clever and integrated marketing campaign.

The website is a bespoke tour-de-force with integrated shopping cart, CMS, price and currency calculator and many more features to add to the user experience.

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Wyetech Cooling

Branding · Brochures · Logos

Wyetech Cooling Solutions

Complete branding and design for an air conditioning supplier.

Wyetech came to me as a start-up and wanted a fresh brand that reflected their industry. The brand is created with the idea of air and cooling visible in their brochure and logo.

Tellon Capital

Branding · Logos · Websites

Tellon Capital wanted a bespoke corporate brand and a website which they could update and manage themselves. After creating the brand and website, I provided them with on-site training, so that they can now handle all future property and news item updates in-house.

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Beyond Dispute Mediation

Branding · Business Cards · Logos · Websites

Complete branding, marketing and website for a mediation service.

As a small start-up, Beyond Dispute wanted to compete with the big firms and yet project a friendly, approachable feel. The design is focused on conveying that by mixing a corporate, clean website with a bright colour scheme. The abstract icon of a bridge is used throughout to underline the company’s personable approach to mediation.

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Waffle Land Restaurant

Branding · Brochures · Business Cards

Waffle Land Restaurant

Branding, signage and menu for a small child friendly restaurant.

This was fun and a very different to my usual corporate work. Everything was focused to look inviting and playful.

Seed UK


Seed Annual Report

Seed are a UK based educational charity I have worked with for many years. The square format and the bright colours are meant to attract a younger audience and convey a fresh, positive message.

Gracewell Care Homes


Gracewell Care Homes

Gracewell wanted to project a friendly, open image in this series of brochures.

City Fit

Advertisments · Branding · Business Cards · Logos

City Fit Gym

City Fit wanted a fresh, holistic brand to attract the busy career people to their high street gym. The Ying and Yang element in the logo and the brand’s colour scheme were also used to decorate the centre’s interior.

Millbank Tower

Branding · Logos · Websites

The Montcom Group regularly commission me to create websites for their new projects and proposals. The most recent one is Millbank Towers, which is expected to be redeveloped over the next few years. The site was designed to look elegant and hyper modern, in order to reflect the sophisticated quality of the building. I work closely with the architects to ensure the site is kept updated as the plans for the building change.

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Retouching Samples


As a Photoshop expert, I do everything from high-end product and fashion retouch work to studio photography, which requires a softer approach. I also regularly teach retouching techniques for clients including M&S and New Look.

Various Logo Designs

Branding · Logos

A selection of logo designs from a broad range of clients and industries.

From the fresh, colourful approach of Kid Speech London to the conservative, corporate style of Charter Security, this range of samples shows that I can adapt my style to suit the market and the client. In fact, this is my personal favourite part of this job: Understanding what a client needs and creating a unique brand that presents them accurately and effectively.

Client Testimonial

“Deborah is creative, committed to good design, and constantly is seeking to learn more to perfect her craft.”

Judah Harris, Filmmaker & Photographer



Over 20 years experience working for global companies as well as start ups & n0n-profits. Logo design, branding, brochures, advertisements, newsletters, invitations and much more. No project is too big or too small.

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Websites & apps

We can create everything from simple websites for small companies to highly bespoke websites with all the bells and whistles. We also specialise in on-line digital magazines and apps as well as email campagins.

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Creative Training

Learn how to bring some of the design or development work in-house to save your business time and money. Bespoke software training for groups or individuals at all levels. We also teach copywriting and digital PR skills.

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Price List & Template Design

Still sending out old-fashioned Excel price lists?

Let’s face it, Excel documents might be useful, but they aren’t pretty. And yet, the price lists and product quotes you send to prospective clients are crucial in making that sale.

Impress your clients with beautifully designed templates

We have teamed up with expert Excel training agency Sunbird Advisers and developed an amazingly simple workflow, enabling you to easily incorporate your data into elegant, branded templates.

First we work with you to develop a bespoke design, then we teach you how to use the resulting templates to import and update the data yourself. You will be surprised to learn how easy and affordable the process is.

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Client Testimonial

“Deborah has been the graphic designer for my business since 2001. She is a highly talented, conscientous, hard-working professional and adapts very well to a multitude of marketing campaigns. Deborah’s graphic design skills are far superior to any agency we have worked in the past and she is excellent value for money charging a fraction of what some design houses charge. I would not have a problem recommending Deborah to anyone, except of course my competitors!”

Lee Ruben, Gemex, The Raphael Collection

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